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Never Judge a Book by Its Cover: Tiger Mom Edition

The “Tiger Mom” and her family were in town yesterday to discuss her new book. For those of you who don’t who she is, this article basically made her an overnight celebrity. My boss, her daughter, and I had the opportunity to be in the audience for the recording of the talkshow she was going to be in! 


Pre-show/setup at the studio.


The show is called “Culture Matters” - a local English TV talkshow that explores the differences between Eastern and Western cultures. 


The host, Sammy (sp?), with the two man band. Sammy has a million dollar voice, and he used to live in the same neighborhood as I do in SF! 


Amy “Tiger Mom” Chua with her oldest daughter Sophia. 


Julianna and I with the “Tiger Cubs”. 


And of course, the “Tiger Mom”. (She was a bit intimidating hence the awkward space between us… jk! I wasn’t really ready for the picture but was too intimidated to ask for another one, haha). 

I hope the episode gets released online soon. Some really interesting points were brought up. In summary, it seems that the media criticized her before even reading her book (i.e. that WSJ article at the beginning of the post). I’ll have to read it myself before I can really give a fair opinion; however, I do believe that the modern American system of raising kids is too laxed. I’m all for individuality and independent thinking, but children need structure and discipline. Children don’t know any better so it’s up to the parents to teach their kids. 

You ask 6 year old what they want to do with their life, and they’re going to say “watch TV” or “eat candy”.

- Amy Chua

Can’t wait to grab a copy. 

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